Logo 9th European Congress on Telepathology - 3rd International Congress on Virtual Microscopy
May, 15th to 17th 2008 Toledo, Spain
Main Topics


Bruce Beckwith. Boston, MA, USA.
Standards for Digital Images in Pathology

Christel Daniel. Paris. France.
IHE trainig course

Vincenzo Della Mea, Udine. Italy
Open source in pathology

Klaus Kayser. Berlin, Germany.
Computational pathology: from telepathology to e-learning and diagnostic support in virtual microscopy.

Clovis Klock. Erechim, Brazil.
Web conferencing systems: Skype and MSN in telepathology

Klaus Dietmar Kunze. Dresden, Germany.
Efficiency and diagnostic reliability of telepathology consultation.

John R. Gilbertson. Cleveland, OH, USA.
Histology, Imaging and New Diagnostic Workflows in Pathology.

Béla Molnár. Budapest, Hungary.
Digitalisation of routine histology laboratory processes: sign-out, immunohistochemistry, education.

José Ernesto Moro Rodríguez. Madrid, Spain.
Discontinuous video recording of biopsies in the context of an integral third degree teaching program.

Janusz Szymas. Poznan, Poland.
Digital Pathology as Teaching and Testing System in Pre- and Postgraduate Courses.

Serey Vathana Chhut. Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Need, Feasibility and Sustainability in Two Projects of Telepathology in Developing Countries, Africa and South East Asia

Bruce H. Williams. Washington, DC, USA.
Impediments and Workarounds: The Real Art of Telepathology


9th European Congress on Telepathology and 3rd International Congress on Virtual Microscopy