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May, 15th to 17th 2008 Toledo, Spain
General Information


Illescas - Carranque

We will visit Esquivias, where Cervantes’s House-Museum is located. We will complete our tour with Illescas. Illescas has an important Church where Greco’s original paintings can be visited.
We will also visit an archaeological park with roman ruins of historic interest, due to the good conservation of its mosaics which were part of a majestic Roman villa. In there, we will be able to appreciate the entire rooms and its ingenious system of heating. The town is completed with a basilica that is still used for public and religious purposes and an amazing grotto for the water storage.
The visitor can also access to a Roman museum and complete his visit with an explanatory projection of the works that are carried out in this archaeological park.

          - Toledo – Esquivias; 38 Km.
          - Esquivias – Carranque; 11 Km.
              Carranque - Toledo; 49 Km



Ocaña is considered a “Mudejar” style village. It was Castilian’s Court venue in several occasions. Among its remarkable monuments we can visit the baroque Main Square, the Gotic-Mudejar Church of San Juan Bautista, or convents such as Santo Domingo or Carmelitas Descalzas.

- Toledo – Ocaña; 53 Km.


Aranjuez - Chinchon

There are many monuments that can be visited inside Aranjuez. Some examples are: the “U” shape Real Palace, next to the courtyard, the central pediment and the statues of three monarches under whose reigns it has been built: Felipe II, Felipe V and Fernando VI. Inside the Palace are several rooms decorated with important work of art.
The Real House of Labrador, a wonderful building located inside the Prince Garden.

Falúas Museum, is also incide the Prince Garden. It is a small but really peculiar museum where we will visit the Falúas used by monarchs to navigate across Tajo River. This river crosses Aranjuez and its gardens.

Moreover, Aranjuez has sumptuous gardens such as the Prince Garden, Parterre or Island Garden, we will go for a stroll along these gardens.

Alter lunch we will go to Chinchón in order to visit the remarkable Main Square and we will come back to Toledo.


The 3 cultures in Toledo

Muslims, Jewish and Christians, who are represented in Toledo, their traditions, cultures, legends, and quarters...
At the beginning of the tour we will have the opportunity of doing a panoramic view surrounded the valley' area, the old bridges of Toledo: Alcantara and Saint Martin, the rural houses of Toledo and the small churches.

Then we will enter in the old city and we will begin the tour from Zocodover Square, which was an Arab market and we will discover some of its buildings, the Cathedral, the synagogues, and the mosques. Also the narrow streets of Toledo, the passé ways or covered street, Becquer's leyends, the convents and the curiosities of this period will be visited.

9th European Congress on Telepathology and 3rd International Congress on Virtual Microscopy